Monday, February 1, 2016

Goodbye January, Hello February!

Yay! One month of the year has gone already. It's the first day of February na. Super bilis ng araw. How's your January? 

So far, we had a busy yet fruitful January. Before the year ends, I received a paid campaign and blog opportunities continue to flow. Hindi naman masyadong big time but I am thankful to God for giving us other opportunities to earn. Which made me think of concentrating on blogging and be a work at home mom. BUT, we have yet to decide after Daddy's meeting with our house's developer.

Two years na lang kasi and we are done with our house's monthly amortization. If we can afford to pay the remaining 2 years now then we will decide if it's already possible to quit my job. For now, since I can both work offline and online naman, I would take this opportunity muna. Konting sacrifice na lang muna that I can't be with my son and my mom as much as I want. Soon every thing will fall in place with God's grace.

As I was saying, January was a busy month. Aside from work and blogging, ang dami namin house projects ni Daddy A. Like house repainting and gardening. Daddy had all the tools na except time, haha. But he started with his garden project na.

Last year, after I think 2 years, our Dragon Fruit yielded a fruit. Nagsanga sanga na kasi kaya wala na nutrients makuha ang mga dulo ng plants where the fruits grow out. So this time he saw na what's the right way of growing Dragon Fruit on pail or pot. Next will be growing vegetables and herbs naman at our back yard.

This January also, we started with our fitness goals to start the year right. This time, Matthew is included and he's so eager to exercise to be fit too.

I forgot to share pa pala that Matthew is now on top 4, from top 5 last year.

I can't be any prouder. Makulit pa yan ha, as in super. Because of a job well done, he deserves a treat from Red Ribbon.

Red Ribbon has Sweetipid Savers, wherein you can buy 4 cake slices + 1 for only 99 pesos. Perfect for you kids' baon with four yummy flavors: Mocha Marble Cake, Double Dutch, Choco Marble and Chiffon cake. Check out #RedRibboncelebration cakes as well. 

Speaking of celebration, this February, my Nanay will turn 69. With her condition right now, I am happy to see her eating on her own.

She's suffering from Parkinson's Disease. Patients with such disease has the tendency to lose self control and ability to grip. Kaya naman masaya na akong makita ang Nanay ko na ganito. She and Matthew are the reasons why I want to work at home. Gusto ko sila matutukan, lalong lalo na ang Nanay ako. But I know it will happen in God's time.

Yay! That's our January. How about yours? Hello Feb-ibig month!

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