Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The #AlDub fever, The Pabebe Wave and The Pababy Alden

#AlDub is just an accidental love team but look how they make the whole nation hooked in watching them in Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye. I don't really watch them everyday because I am at work. But one time I got a chance to watch them, I felt as if I am an avid fan of them already. They bring so much kilig I must say. That maybe one of the reasons why millions of Filipinos are talking non-stop about them. The #AlDub fever is spreading nationwide and even worldwide.

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And did you know my son is not exempted from this nationwide/worldwide fever? One night when we were having a dinner, he's telling us about how his school went that day. Suddenly, he stopped my hand and said, "Mommy, si Yaya Dub na-kidnap." I was not surprised because our househelp watch them everyday. He even said he's Alden daw, then he will make the Pabebe Wave like this.

I called him Pababy Alden. Pwede na, they both have dimples, haha! 

Anyway, watching #AlDub fighting for their love against all odds, and waiting for tamang panahon, is for me, what makes them an instant hit, a certified hit that is. We always love watching underdogs beating the odds and succeeding in the end. We are all excited for their happy ending yet we don't want the story to end. But for me, #AlDub is more than just the kilig they bring to each one of us. For it teaches us also to keep our hope and faith, to be patient and to fight for love.

Ayie! Even if I am not a regular viewer of them, I am greatly affected by their tandem. What more pa those who really follow their love story everyday. I can't blame them kasi nakaka-good vibes naman talaga. Just what we need in our stressful everyday lives, right?

Are you an #AlDub fan too?

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