Friday, February 16, 2018

Our First Home Improvement for the Year

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. 

It's been a while since I made an update here. Again, my apology. Been very busy lately with my work. I did plan to blog at night but since I really get tired of working all day, I ended up sleeping, haha.

Anyway, I will not make any excuses anymore but instead will just show you what Daddy A is currently working on.

Yeah, that's Daddy A busy designing our plant box, Yes again, it's a plant box in front of our house. The simplest garden we can have because of limited space.

Daddy A has been bugging me about this plant box a long time ago pa. He loves gardening and he started planting plants like dragon fruit in a pot already. He wanted a garden so I told him to just wait and I will set a budget for that. Luckily, Daddy A's Papa knows a lot of carpentry works including making a plant box.

So when they went here to celebrate new year, these two men worked together to make this nice little garden.

This is our first house improvement for the year, along with a little home improvement at the back of our house. That I will share once it's picture ready hehe.

Back to Daddy A's little garden. Just this morning, he's busy again designing our little garden.

He fixed the garden stones with a cement.

By the way, we bought those garden stones at 150 pesos per bag. Just enough to design our little garden. 

This "kawa" we bought at 200 pesos with the stand.

You can also buy garden soil at 50 pesos per bag. Then the plants that he put are our old plants. He just choose what to put so it will not look crowded or like a forest, hehe.

If you notice, our home improvements are all do it your self. I am lucky that Daddy A is very much inclined with home works, aside from he has a helpful Papa. That's why we save a lot of money and also he can make what he wants to make. Just like this garden, though the design is not yet finished.

Daddy A still plan to put garden grass there. It's still out of stock as per the store we went to so while waiting, he's doing some repainting.

Pardon the not so good sight. Our house is already 10 years and needs a lot of improvement and renovation. We are still thinking whether we will have a home renovation or we will look for a new house near our work place.Traffic going to work is becoming worse each day and moving to a much nearer place is our best option now. Both home renovation and moving to a new home are not easy because it will require us a selfstorage as temporary safety place of our things. Hopefully, by the end we can decide what's the best for ours.

Thank God we are done with its monthly amortization and our house is ours!

That's our first home improvement for the year. After repainting, we will have a bathroom improvement. We are planning to install bidet seat since it's becoming popular now. What do you think?

Again, happy Gong Xi Fa Cai!
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