Sunday, December 30, 2018

Matthew Andrei's First Holy Communion

More than two weeks ago, our little boy received his first Holy Communion. But before that let me share some kwento. 

I took a leave from work that day. Daddy can't make it since he had a prior commitment he can't cancel. So solo parent ako. Anyway, Matthew's class was suspended to have ample time to prepare for their Holy Communion that is scheduled later that day. To not waste our time, I let him review his lessons since 3rd quarter exam na the following week.

After reviewing, I cooked our lunch. Oh, should I say I fry our lunch, which is tinapa from Nueva Ecija.

The clock ticks so fast that after eating our lunch, my little boy was rushing me to dress up. Malalate na daw sya. So here, we were able to make it on time naman. 

Ang bait lang nya tingnan hindi ba? Well, he did behaved the whole time since he was chosen as one of the children who will read the gospel.

Here's our little boy with the rest of the children who will read the gospel.

It was so hard to take photos because he was at the side of the altar.

Also, there's an official photocgrapher para daw hindi magulo though I still manage to take some photos after they finished receiving their first Holy Communion.

I also took a photo with Father Roger (but I am not sure of his name, please forgive me father) who gave his first Holy Communion.

I almost cried when I saw him received the body of Christ. Because almost 8 years ago, in that same spot he was baptized.

He was a big 6-month old baby when he was baptized but look at him now, he's a big 8-year old boy

Our little boy is growing so fast. The next thing thing I know, I will be attending his wedding na. So, how can I not be emotional? I have all the right to be, right? Haha.

So this is another important mommy story I would like to share. Maybe I will be sharing less na since my little is growing and sometimes he wants his privacy.  

How do you deal with feelings like this mommies? 'Till next mommy story!

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