Friday, September 14, 2018

Teaching Kids To Be A Leader

Last July, our little boy was chosen to be one of the two Grade 3 representatives for their school council election. I was surprised so I asked the school admin if it's true. He said yes so true nga, hehe.

Even we're still in doubt, we supported his campaign. I made bookmarks and we bought some candies for him to give on their campaign day. 

I also designed a tarpaulin for him. Daddy have it printed, 2 for each design.

The tarpaulins were posted at his school gate and fences.

Actually, I never experience running for any position when I was studying. I was very shy back then, the exact opposite of our little who is full of confidenc. He can speak in front of people. Hindi na kailangang pilitin pa, hehe. In fact, everyone knows him.

Unfortunately, he lost in the election. But our little boy didn't loss his spirit. Like what he said before he run for the election, "Kahit naman po matalo ako mommy okay lang e. Atleast lumaban ako."

That made me even prouder. This little boy is such a sport and is growing to be a true leader. That must be the reason why he was chosen, aside from his charm.

And just recently, he was chosen again to join the team building activity organized by the school. Nagpaalam agad sya sabay sabi no parents allowed. Ha, ano daw? I told him, he is just 8 years and still our baby so he can't join alone. He refuted that by saying he's a big boy and he can take care of his self. He was really determined that when he acted like a baby I will remind him about joining the team building activity and then he will act like a big boy, haha. 

After days of thinking, we signed the waiver and let him join their school's team building.

O hindi ba, prepared na prepared sya. Halos hindi nga nakatulog sa sobrang excitement. He bought his Robby Rabbit back pack na saktong sakto for his packed snacks and lunch, and extra shirts, pants, and towels. He also bought 2-liter water and 2 bottles of iced tea.

They left the school at around 7:30 in the morning and went to Quezon City Circle with all the school teachers and staffs. 

They spent the whole day there doing team building activities.

I am happy I did allow him to join because I can't remember how many times he said "Mommy sobrang nag-enjoy po ako."

And most of all, I am happy because his school is teaching these kids to be a leader, our future leader. Who knows this little boy will be the future president of our country? Charot! Just look how cute he is na lang, haha.

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