Monday, June 3, 2019

Matthew's Recognition Day 2019

I know its' been 2 months but I can not let it not shared with you.

Here's my chubby cheeks showing his McDonald's Happy Meal toy.

That was his reward for getting these awards.

I didn't tell you but he represented his school to a Spelling bee contest and for another Tula contest. 

Though he didn't won, being chosen to represent his school was already a big honor for him. He is a a creative thinker and an excellent reader, which makes him a winner.

And not only that, he's a consistent honor student.

Which makes me and his daddy very proud.

How can we not be proud of him?

Kahit makulit sya, he still excels in his class.

When it's study time, he never give me a hard time.

He loves studying and he loves Mommy.

Would like to thank his school for always believing in him.

To his adviser who never get tired of teaching and guiding him and his classmates.

To his Lolo Papa na always to the rescue when there's no one to take care of him.

What is more admirable of this boy is his simplicity. Kain lang sa favorite nyang McDonald's happy na sya.

Because he got to finally taste this  McDonald's Chicken Katsu he's been craving since he saw it on TV.

McDonald's, Chicken Katsu

To our little boy, let me remind you that it's not the medal that gives you honor. It's your character and personality that matters most. Just continue to shine and be the best that you can be. Always remember that we are here to support and love you always.

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