Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Media Noche 2020

We are just in the 3rd month of the year, yet we have been through a lot. I don't know what went wrong but I know most of us followed tradition to have a bountiful and blessed New Year.

2020 doesn't start the way we expect it to be. Forest fire in Australia, Taal volcanic eruption and imminent war between Iraq and US welcomed us in January. Late January, Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) news in China scared us. And just this month, as many countries locked down due to virus spread, Luzon was placed under quarantine and the whole country under state of emergency.

So much happening in just three months and we all woke up one day that everything is so different. Suddenly tomorrow is unsure. It's scary but we need to trust God because He knows what is best for us.

On the lighter side, let me share how we welcome 2020. These photos remind me that come what may, we have our family to give us hope and strength in this trying times.

I am thankful that I have these two boys who makes my life easier. They are big help especially in house chores since we don't have a helper now.

They help me cook our Media Noche food.

Set the up the table.

Prepare the fruits for a lucky year.

Our lucky charms.

We prepare a lot for just the three of us. May in-laws didn't come because my father-in-law, who is now with God, was sick then. I will have a separate post for that one of these days.

Anyway, we have fruit salad as usual.

The macaroni salad.

My spaghetti.

Barbeque of course.

Daddy's airfried liempo.

Palitaw for a stickier relationship closer family.

We have taken a lot of photos. Thanks to the cellphone tripod that we have bought from Divisoria. But I will just share a few happy photos of us.

Our little boy is such a cutie, right?

His laughter is so contagious.

Finally, our cheers to welcome 2020.

That's it. I'll share naman our New Tear's day next.

Again, trust God with His plan. Whatever is happening right now, He is in control. 

Keep on praying.

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