Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What To Expect After You Are in a Car Accident

When you are in a vehicle accident, your whole world can change in that single moment. If you are severely injured, not only will you miss work, need to repair your vehicle, and have expensive medical treatments, but you may also need to see specialists for trauma-related issues. Here are some of the things you can expect after you are in a car accident.

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1. Information

You will need to get the other driver’s personal information, the auto’s license, and his or her insurance info. If you have your phone with you, snap photos of each of the documents, and take pictures of the accident scene. If you can get information from witnesses, ask if you can tape their statement and snap a photo of each of them.

2. Injuries

If you or a passenger have injuries, ask the police officer at the scene to call an ambulance. If you don’t feel any injuries immediately after the accident but start hurting during the following week, contact medical personnel for a consultation.

3. Chiropractor

During the collision, your body may have been thrown around. The day after the accident, your body may begin to be sore in many areas, especially your back. Call a chiropractor Lincoln Square, to adjust your spine, give you a deep muscle massage, or apply some heat therapy.

4. Attorney

Don’t forget to call an attorney to handle the insurance paperwork and find you a medical team to support your injuries. Your lawyer can also help you locate a chiropractor that understands how badly the body can be damaged during an accident.

Knowing what you can expect after an accident can keep you from becoming overwhelmed with the situation. Don’t forget to contact an attorney for legal help and a chiropractor to ease your sore muscles. You can be over the trauma of the accident in no time.

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