Thursday, March 26, 2020

Looking for Elegant Dresses, Tops, Etc.?

Last year, I had my first ninang (godmother) experience. No, not in a baptism but in a wedding. At first, I was hesitant to accept the invitation but they say it's not good to decline such. Besides the person who invited me to become one of their principal sponsors is my son's first nanny who stayed with us for almost 2 years.

Now, a colleague  invited me and my husband to their principal sponsors in their wedding that scheduled this April. We accept it and the fact that we are really getting old, haha. Seriously, the fact they are getting us as ninong and ninang is an honor. Maybe they are seeing our married life as inspiration. Though I am not claiming we have a perfect marriage ha.

So that's the story behind why I am writing this post. Because I am now looking for an elegant dress for that wedding I will be attending. Since malls are close because of the community quarantine, I search online and find this nice site, My heart skips when I saw how elegant and lovely their dresses are. Just like this one.

elegant dresses, dresses, KIS

KIS is a large clothing manufacturer, which focus more on attractive designs, fine tailoring processes, high quality and comfortable material for their well-cut clothes.

elegant dresses, dresses, KIS

Their products are always staying ahead of the trends. They have a continuous supply of stylish designs from women tops to bottoms, inside to outside, swimwear, floral dresses, casual maxi dresses, vintage dresses, and more. They are selling wholesale dresses too.

So have I found the dress for the wedding I am looking for?  I am eyeing this elegant dress.

elegant dresses, dresses, KIS

It would be perfect if its color is gold but only pink is available. Anyway, the dress still looks amazing.

So if you are looking for elegant dresses go to and check out their on-going sale. And if you found the one you like, please comment down. I would love to see your pick.

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