Friday, May 8, 2020

My 39th Birthday

Last week, I celebrated my 39th birthday with a big blessing.

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My husband woke me up with this cake.

He woke up early to prepare our breakfast.

Kahit walang gana, pinipilit ko kumain for the little one in my womb.

By the way, before quarantine, we are already planting. Look at these cute tomato seedlings. They just grew from the seeds I got from the tomatoes we bought at the market. Ganun sila kadaling tumubo.

urban gardening

What's so good about having your garden at home is you don't need to buy vegetables whenever you need it. You are also assured that what you are eating is safe from pesticides and insecticides. Look at these ampalaya leaves Daddy A got for our monggo.

I was craving for monggo so I cooked ginisang monggo.

I am craving for pizza too and since wala delivery sa area namin sumaglit kami sa Pizza Hut.

I want mango pero wala so I got Zagu halo-halo instead.

halo-halo shake

Here's what we have for my 39th birthday.

We ordered 2-piece chicken, mashed potato and mushroom soup from KFC.

fried chicken

Pizza from Pizza Hut.


This cake Daddy A bought at Red Ribbon the day before my birthday. Hindi ko na naman napansin, haha.


This is me at 39.

I would be the happiest sana if my little boy is with us now.

Praying that this pandemic will end soon. Nawa'y bumaba na or wala ng mag-positive pa, makarecover lahat ng nahawa at wala ng mamatay. Praying for a vaccine too so we can all be safe. In Jesus name I pray for all of these.

Oh before I forgot, my son and my in-laws celebrated my birthday too. They had pizza from Greenwich, halo-halo and pancit palabok.

The boy who loves pizza. I missed him so much!


Finally, this cake from my colleagues.


I am so thankful and grateful for another year of my life and for another life in my womb. I can't still believe God blessed us with another bundle of joy. He is so good. Praying for his divine protection to keep us safe.

Thank you everyone for reading through our blogs. Kindly include us in your prayers. Stay safe!

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