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Restoring Teeth With Dental Implants

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If a teacher must be absent from work, a substitute is called to teach the class. If a chef lacks a certain ingredient, a substitute is used in the recipe. And if a tooth cannot function properly or is absent, a dentist can create a substitute.

Dental implants act as substitutes for teeth. The root of the tooth is replaced with a metal post, and the tooth is replaced with an artificial crown.

Who Might Be a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implant surgery could benefit someone who is missing one or more teeth and has a jawbone that has finished growing. It is also helpful if the person has healthy oral tissues and is free of any health conditions that would negatively impact the bone’s ability to heal. As well, the patient should either be capable of having a bone graft or have an adequate amount of bone for the implants to be securely supported.

Other determining factors include not being a smoker, having a desire to improve one’s speech, and wanting to find an option other than dentures. If an individual wants to discuss the possibility of surgery with a periodontal therapy dentist Plainview NY can offer various professionals. Someone who chooses this surgery needs to be aware that the process can take several months.

How Can a Professional Help?

A dental professional can have a role before, during, and after the surgery for dental implants. Prior to the procedure, a dentist will need to perform a comprehensive dental exam. In addition to making models of the patient’s jaw and teeth, the dentist might need to get dental X-rays and 3D images.

During the procedure, the dental surgeon will place the implant in the patient’s jawbone. And after the surgery, the dentist will need to check the implants to be sure that they are healthy and functioning properly.

Just remember that even though replacements for teeth exist, there really is no replacement for regular dental appointments.

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