Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Mother's Day 2020 ECQ Edition

Because of the health pandemic we are facing now, most of the celebrations are done in the Enhanced Community Quarantine way.

Just like my 39th birthday, we celebrated Mother's Day 2020 at home.

Daddy A bought a cake from Bread Talk because I was craving for black forest cake.

cake, Bread Talk

Unfortunately, since I am still having morning sickness, I didn't enjoy eating the cake. But I can't be happier, because our son is with us already.

Daddy fetched him the day before Mother's Day. Naaawa na siya siguro sa akin because I kept saying "sana andito anak natin." Biglang nawala yung hilo and discomfort I am feeling because my son is with us na. Hindi na ko masyadong nag-aalala. 

When he woke up that morning, he went straight to me and said "Mommy two times ka pala nagcecelebrate ng birthday mo, e. Happy Mother's Day!" He kissed and hugged me, and my heart melts.

I was also happy because of the food daddy brought from Nueva Ecija.

Cravings satisfied na naman.

By the way, I also started to do the 10-minute yoga for pregnant woman.

yoga for pregnant woman

It feels so good after. Grabe makapawis.

For lunch, I cooked Chicken Arroz Valenciana.

Arroz Valenciana

I have been craving for it, yun lang nasuya ata ako. Haha!

As I have said, this pregnancy is more difficult than my first because of the morning sickness I am experiencing. But nevertheless, I feel so blessed because we are now complete.

To all the mommas, Happy Mother's Day. One day is not enough to celebrate your greatness. Let everyday be our day.

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