Tuesday, May 5, 2020

After 10 years...

After 10 years, God blessed us with another bundle of joy. Although, honestly, I am in great fear because of all the years it is now that a health pandemic is going on that I got pregnant. But I know, it is God's will and He will protect us.

Let me now tell you the story of the moment we are waiting for. The first time we did a pregnancy test was April 9. Is my menstruation already delayed? Yes for few days palang naman. But what prompted me to do the test was I was not feeling well. Like I feel vomiting every time I see food or when I eat food or when I smell food. Also, I feel so tired in the afternoon with slight dizziness.

So April 9 we did the first test and it was like this.

Let's take a closer look. There's a not so clear second line there and there's a possibility that I am pregnant already.

I am not convinced that I am not pregnant or I am just convincing my self I am not, haha. And still waiting for my period to come but after 2 weeks it didn't happen. So April 24, we did the test again and it was clearly positive na.

Like what I have said, I have great fear but I am so happy. Because this is God's blessings. Actually, nagtatampo na nga ako kay Lord bakit ang tagal na wala pa kasunod si bulilit namin. But anyway, katulad ng lagi kong sagot sa mga taong paulit ulit ang tanong kung bakit wala pang kasunod ang anak namin e ang laki na (relate ka?), "hindi pa binibigay ni Lord e, in His time He will give us."

Anyway, my husband is happy too and he gives all my cravings. Sobra pa nga e. I asked for kutsinta na may niyog sana kaso wala pa pero binili na nya lahat ng klase ng kakanin, haha.

These pomelo that he got from our neighbor's tree.

In my first pregnancy, pomelo din pinaglihian ko but actually I don't crave for it as much like before. Actually din I don't have cravings as much as before but still I don't like to eat chocolates and fish kasi nalalansahan ako sa lasa. Anything malansa I don't like. You can check the other Early Symptoms of Pregnancy.

To confirm if I am really pregnant, we went to my OBGyne. I was surprised to know that they still keep my old medical records.

By the way, when we went to the clinic the first time naabutan kami ng cut off to avoid crowding. Just to let you know, safe pa din po pumunta ng clinics because they are observing physical distancing there. Kaya huwag sana matatakot yung mga buntis na magpacheck up because you need it more for you and your baby's safety, especially now.

So ayun after waiting for more than 3 hours, we got the great news. It is confirmed that I am 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant with a heartbeat. Thank God!

My OBGyne also asked me to have blood and urine tests, which came out all normal. Thank God again!

Now, I am praying hard for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Nakakastress man yung panahon ngayon, I am keeping myself calm, positive and happy. There are so many things to be grateful for naman hindi ba?

Please include us in your prayers ha. Thank you!

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