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Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom
photo source: Eric Piasecki

For many homeowners that love entertaining, the design focus tends to be on the living room, dining room and other spaces where guests usually gather to hang out. In your efforts to be a good host, you should also prioritize providing an overnight visitor a comfortable space to lay their head. The guest bedroom is an important element to being a good host. Here are some things to think about.

Providing a Good Night’s Rest

Perhaps the most important part of a guest bedroom is the bed. Although the size of the room will limit the size of the bed, try to provide a queen size bed if you can swing it. A queen bed can fit most couples comfortably. Look for a medium firm mattress to suit most people for a few nights of rest. One can be found at nearly any price point. Think of this bedroom as a hotel room. There should be ample pillows for the bed and choose linens that are of the proper thickness for the time of year.

Offering Entertainment

Many people like watching TV or listening to music before bedtime. A wall-mounted flat screen television provides entertainment without taking up much space. With an internet connection, your guest can enjoy entertainment via popular streaming video and music services. You might also consider exploring Dish Network packages Yuma AZ to offer cable and local media for a visitor to enjoy during their stay.

Pampering Guests

One sign of a well-appointed space is a bathroom that encourages visitors to pamper themselves. Offer several plush bath linens for your guests to use. White towels will be reminiscent of a luxurious spa facility. Add a robe or two and splurge a bit on toiletries to complete your bathroom.

When you have a nice guest bedroom, you’re ready to entertain an overnight stay, especially at short notice. A great host addresses all the details for a superior experience.. Although you don’t need to recreate your master bedroom, some basic luxuries and amenities can make the difference.

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