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Ways to Unwind During Quarantine

Ways to Unwind During Quarantine
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We're living in crazy times. Seriously, how many other times have we ever experienced a world-changing pandemic? With all the hubbub of the outside world causing inner stress, it's understandable that you might be in serious need of some time to wind down from it all. Here are a few of our favorite tips for restoring calm, sanity, and peace during these unprecedented times:


Write out your thoughts! After all, fifty years ago people might be reading it as historical data. Jokes aside, according to the University of Rochester, journaling is a beneficial way to improve your mental health. Simply grab a pen and paper, and start writing it out. You'll be better able to pinpoint your stress areas if you're writing them out each day, and then you can start to create a plan of action to attack those nasty feelings once and for all!


The gym might be closed, but that doesn't mean you can't get a sweat on from home! We all know about the benefits of exercise on our minds and bodies, so if you're feeling particularly crummy — maybe it's time to get a move on! UCLA Health put together this awesome article full of easy at-home exercises that will allow you to get a sweat on right from your living room. You don't have to leave quarantine with a six-pack, but just getting in a few minutes of movement each day will do wonders for your mental health!


Flights and travel aren't really a thing right now, but you can still escape the current state of the world! Grab a movie and make yourself a laid-back movie night filled with popcorn and soda, or build a fort even. You can also finally get around to reading that book all your friends have been recommending, or break open those watercolors that have been sitting in your craft drawer for months. By allowing yourself to escape into a new hobby or activity, you'll be giving your brain a break for a moment from all the craziness going on in the world. It's like a little mental vacation — and there's no passport required!

Professional Help

If you feel like you've tried all these things and are still feeling stuck, then it's time to consider seeing a mental health practitioner for additional assistance. For example, you could see a therapist Lakewood CO and partake in telehealth visits that begin to address your underlying issues, current day problems, and practical solutions. Seeing a therapist is completely normal, and absolutely worth any time, money, and energy that you're putting into it. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and it's time to treat them the same way!

Quarantine might still be going strong, but you're stronger! We hope that these tips have helped you find a few ways to unwind and relax as the world rages on all around us. Don't forget — you're strong, you're capable, and whatever it is you're handling: you've totally got it. 

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