Friday, October 2, 2020

Two Weeks of Online Learning/Schooling


Two weeks ago, the online schooling of our son started. 

At first, ako yung nasstress since we are both working and we still don't know how this new normal schooling will happen. Good thing there's a dry run before the first day. Medyo nagka-idea na kami how the online learning will go through.

I made sure also that all the things he needed are on his table na so he don't need to stand pa and look for his things.

I like that his table is spacious. You can read our online class preparation to check this table.

The first day happened in an hour lang. Kung baga orientation muna. Their adviser discussed the schedule and the online class rules. Yes, there are rules too.

My son adjusted so well. It's one of the advantages of techie kids today. They learn to navigate computer applications so fast. By the way, they are using Microsoft Teams and an educational platform Nuadu.

It's an advantage also that they are only 3 in the class, from 19 students when they are in Grade 4. Most of his classmates transferred to public school kasi. So they are only 3 kaya parang tutorial lang nangyayari, which I think made my son adjust well.

Their online class covers the five major subjects only. The school followed Dep Ed's recommendation na 1.5 hours per day lang ang online exposure ng mga bata. So Monday, Wednesday, Friday, they will study Science, Mathematics and English. While on Tuesday and Thursday, it's Filipino and Araling Panlipunan naman. Like what I have said, 1.5 hours lang online discussion in a day kaya nahati yun sa mga subjects nila per day. After the online discussion, they will work on their books or do activities.

At this time, medyo kampante na kami with how his online class is doing. We are monitoring him through the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360° that we purchased. Momshs, I highly recommend it because it is so useful. Parang nandoon ka din while they in their class.

Maganda din na sya lang yung nasa bahay at walang distraction. Hindi din sya nahihiyang magparticipate and makipagcommuincate sa teachers at classmates nya. Hopefully, magtuloy tuloy lang yung ganito. I know it's still early to tell because they still don't have their long examination.

Kapit lang mga Momshs!

How's your kids doing on their online class/school?

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