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3 Childcare Options for Working Mothers

3 Childcare Options for Working Mothers
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It used to be that if a woman had a child and was financially secure, they automatically left the workforce to become a stay-at-home mom. These days, women can choose to keep working, staying active in their fields and contributing to their family's income. However, they do need to find childcare. If you are a working mother and are looking into childcare options for your children, read on. We have three suggestions for you that might work for you and your family.

1. Daycare

Many families choose to send their children to a daycare center Fairport NY. There are several different kinds of daycare, from in-home settings with a few other children to larger centers with different teachers and classes. Prices can vary but daycare is a great option if you are looking for childcare that allows your child to socialize with other children.

2. Nanny or Nanny-Share

If you prefer to keep your child at home and have individualized attention, you can hire a nanny. Nannies can be daytime employees or live in your home depending on what your needs are. Keep in mind though that hiring a nanny can be quite expensive. If you can't cover the cost yourself, see if you can do a nanny-share with another family to split the cost.

3. Au Pair

Having an au pair is similar to having a nanny. These caretakers come from countries around the world and live with your family while learning English and gaining cultural knowledge. There are restrictions to how long the au pair can work and they will eventually return to their home country, but if you want to expose your child to another culture, an au pair might be right for you.

Leaving your child in the care of other people can be stressful. Hopefully one of these options will be the right choice for you and your child.

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