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4 Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets

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There’s a saying that a dog is man’s best friend, but it might also be his most helpful. People who own dogs tend to have less anxiety and be more physically active, and it also seems dog ownership reduces an individual’s risk of cardiovascular disease and even death. If you want to join the two-thirds of American households who experience the joys and benefits of owning a dog, there are plenty of options from which to choose. There are more than 300 officially recognized dog breeds, but some make better pets than others.

German Shepherds
This breed is noted for being obedient, courageous and highly intelligent, which helps explain why so many German shepherds are employed as police dogs and service dogs. They are very loyal and develop strong bonds with their owners, leading many families with children to seek out German shepherd puppies for sale Florida.

Newfies are known to be among the sweetest and most loving of all dog breeds. Highly loyal and great with children, they are a fantastic family pet, although their large size makes them a poor fit for apartments and small homes.

One of the most beautiful breeds, huskies are regarded for their striking appearance, piercing eyes and thick fur. They are equally as affectionate and good-natured, making them popular pets for Americans. Huskies are very energetic and prone to running, however, so they are best suited to athletic owners and homes with large yards.

You won’t find a more adorable dog than a Pomeranian. They love to be cuddled, and their incredible cuteness makes them hard to deny. Apartment dwelling and city life is well-suited to this small breed, although they act much larger than their size. Poms can be possessive and sometimes ill-tempered, so families with young children should look for another breed.

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. While there are many breeds to choose from, each have their own way of making you feel special.
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