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How To Find a Bra That Fits Well

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Many women put up with ill-fitting bras because they don't know how to find one that fits correctly. There is no reason you need to put up with a bra that digs into your skin, cups that don't fit your breasts or straps that slip off your shoulders. Here are some tips to help you find that perfect bra.

Let the Band Provide Support
The straps of the bra are just there to hold the bra against your body and help shape your breasts. If the bra fits correctly, the actual support comes mostly from the band. For this reason, you need to find the correct size band first. Measure around your body underneath your breasts to find your band size. Then start trying that size band to see if it fits. The band should feel snug around your body with room for one finger underneath, or about an inch of room. You should start out wearing your bra with the hooks at the loosest size. The other hooks are supposed to be used to adjust the bra after it stretches as it gets older.

Find the Right Size Cup
It is hard to measure your breasts to find the right size cup. You may have to use some trial and error when finding the correct size. If your bra straps are hurting your shoulders and your breasts are trying to spill out of the cups, try a larger size cup. If your straps are slipping and your bra feels too loose, try a smaller cup. Remember that cup size is not standard. Rather, cup size varies in relation to the size of the band. So, if you go up a band size, you may need to go down a cup size, or vice versa. If your breasts are very small or large, you may want to seek out a brand that specializes in your size, like Lulalu for small breasts.

Choose Different Bras for Different Purposes
For physical activities, you should choose a sports bra that will keep your breasts from bouncing too much while you exercise. This may be a compression bra, which keeps your breasts close to your body. Compression bras are best for small cup sizes. For larger sizes, an encapsulation bra is better. This type of bra has support surrounding each breast, so it gives more support to larger cup sizes. Consider more than one sports bra if you exercise a lot.

You should, of course, have a couple of well-fitting bras for regular everyday wear. You will wear these the most, so be sure you find a good fit. Buy one in black and one to match your skin tone for the most versatility.

Certain clothes, such as plunging necklines or backless gowns, will need a special bra. Plunging bra cups will not be visible under low-cut tops, but they may not be supportive enough for everyday wear. You can also buy convertible bras, on which you can change the configuration of the straps to accommodate strapless, backless, halter or criss-cross tops.

These suggestions should help you to find a bra that fits well. You don't need to suffer from wearing an uncomfortable bra any longer.
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