Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello September! (To Quit or Not to Quit)

Hello September! Yes guys, September na po. Ang bilis! With that, Christmas is coming. Excited na kayo hano?

Ako naman, although excited na din, medyo may pinagdadaanan lang. I finally let go of our househelp/yaya. I know it is super hard to find one now and she's with us for 1 year na din. Kaya lang it came to a point na feeling ko I am being abused na and she's still not grateful pa. Anyway, I will not dwell with it anymore. Bahala na tadhana sa kanya, haha.

Every year na lang, this situation comes when I am being challenged to quit my work and be a stay at home mom. That's my dream but there are things to consider and also, I don't want to regret quitting my job. Especially now that I had a promotion, that I worked hard for.

For now, my father in law volunteered to accompany Matthew. But that's until Sunday lang since he has work too. I asked Matthew nga if he can go home alone na, but he replid with "mommy bata lang ako, 6 years old lang." Oo nga naman, bata pa sya.

Matthew is growing to be a very independent boy. He can wash his self and dress up. He can also feed his self and wash the dishes. At heto pa, pag-uwi namin kahapon nagsusumbong ang lolo nya na hindi daw nya maawat maglaba. Yes, nilabhan lang naman nya yun mga pinagbihisan nya. The other day kasi, tinuruan ko sya maglaba ng underwear nya and ayan na nga ang resulta.

I am happy that at 6 years old, he's showing concern and is very willing to help with the house chores. Kaya lang naguguilty ako kasi parang I am forcing him to grow up na. I also fear that one day, he will not need us anymore.

How I wish it's easier to make decisions. I know naman we can survive with one-salary income, but we want to provide our son the best that we can. I read nga sa Sibika book nya na ang ibang Nanay ay nagtatrabaho din upang higit na matugunan ang pangangailangan ng pamilya. Tama naman kasi we, parents, just want the best for our kids.

So Daddy and I are discussing to come up with the best decision. Hindi naman kasi bagay o pera ang nakataya dito. Kundi si Matthew, who is the most important person to us. That's why if we really can't find a good replacement, na sana ayoko na din at mahirap makisama, I will surely quit my job. Who would have not want spending more time with your kids, like just eating lollipop while lying on bed?

So to quit or not to quit? I will leave everything to God and trust him with all my heart and so that whatever will happen, whatever we decide on, that's the best plan for us.

Have a Blessed September!
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