Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"Kamusta crush mo?"

I know you have already watched this McDonald's commercial. And I know you love it as much as I do =)

Matt and I were able to watch "Kuya Paolo" at "Kapuso mo Jessica Soho" last Sunday. I didn't know that Matt memorized that commercial pala. And he even said "ayun si Kuya!

I love Kuya Paolo. He is so smart and cheerful. You can see how much he enjoyed being the Kuya in that commercial. And Matt I think loves him. While the commercial is showing, here's Matt imitating and copying the acts and words.

Matt: Musta crush mo?

Then he paused to watch the next scene. When the smile part comes...

Matt: Smile ka din... Ganito... Hindi... Unti lang... 

He's so cute promise. I can't help but smile when he is trying to copy the konti lang sign Kuya Paola makes. Matt can really make me happy in a very simple way.

And oh, last night I heard him sing "Syempre ikaw lang" by Willie Revillame. When he heard us laughing, he closed the door of the room. Then, he kept on singing in front of the electric fan. Maybe he likes the vibrating sound created by the air from the efan. My brother took a video from the window (since the door is closed). I will check if it's still in his phone. I swear you will smile when you hear Matt's voice =)

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the day.
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