Matthew's Robby Rabbit Trolley Bag

Saturday, May 7, 2016

As I have mentioned on my birthday post, last weekend we went to SM to look for Matthew's school bag. 

While we were strolling around, he saw these two standees. He immediately asked Daddy to take photos of him with Captain America.

And of course, with his favorite Iron Man.

Saw these nice bags there but we are looking for a bigger trolley bag for Matthew. 

For the last two years, this has been his bag. 

It's still in good condition with minor bruises scratches because you know kids are careless and they will just pull their bags anyway they want. Also, this bag is too small. He has 7 books and 5 notebooks last school year. Nasira ang cover at nalukot mga books nya kasi siksikan sa loob ng bag.

So now that he’ll be in grade school, he needs a bigger, sturdy bag. And we found one at Robby Rabbit.

New design daw ito as per the promodiser and he’s one of the first kids who will have it. He loves cars so Matthew immediately liked it. 

I inspected the tag and saw Php 4299.75. My gosh!

Pero masigasig si kuyang diser and showed us all its great features.

First, it’s spacious, and it can contain 13 books + 13 notebooks inside. Plus there are side, back and front pockets pa. Checked!

It’s very sturdy that Matthew, who’s around 27 kilos, can sit on it.

But I told him not to do that, malapit lang naman bahay namin sa school, hehe.

Then, look at the side. It has rubber support already.

And they add extra support at the bottom para hindi lumundo.

Nakita nyo yun mga gulong? There are 6 already made of solid rubber ng hindi agad mapudpod. Then look at what happen when you pull it. 

Sabi ni kuya, because of that feature mas magaan hilain, which is true naman.

The handle is sturdy too.

Flexible na din ang lock para mamamili man ng pasok, hindi mapuputol.

The zippers are heavy duty na rin.

And it comes with a free raincoat.

That’s Matthew’s Robby Rabbit school bag. Now, if you are planning to buy a school bag, let me share helpful tips when buying one.

Ask how many books and notebooks the bag can hold. Of course, you should know also ilan magiging books ng kids nyo plus the notebooks. Like what I have said, kung maliit ang bag at marami books, madali masisira ang bag and also the books.

Look for a bag that's easy to pull or carry. Kawawa naman our kids if the bag is not easy too pull. Their arms might get broken.

Invest in bag that is sturdy. So that you will not buy bags every year. Mas mapapamahal pa.

The bag's design. Although we are paying for it, it's important that our kids like the bag's design because they are the ones who will use it. If they like it, maiinspire sila pumasok everyday.

Value for the money. As I have mentioned already, invest in good bags. I find Robby Rabbit bag expensive but with its great features I am sure my son can use it until he graduated in grade school, hehe. I get the value for the money I paid :)

There you go. I hope you find this helpful especially now that school year will open soon.

Have a great weekend!