Friday, May 13, 2016

The #McDoHappyMeal Angry Birds Toys

Last weekend, we received this big egg (as Matthew called it) from McDonald's.

Matthew was, of course, the most delighted. He can't wait to open the big egg.

McDonald's send us an invite to a special 'sneak beak' of The Angry Birds Movie on May 14. Along with the invite inside the egg are the 5 of the 10 #McDoHappyMeal Angry Birds toy collectibles. 

McDo Happy Meal

Look at that smile on our little boy's face.

McDo Happy Meal

Let's take a closer look at each toy.

This is Light-Up Red.

Light-Up Red Angry Bird

As his name implies, it lights up when you push the two red feather on top of his head. Red Bird is the main protagonist in The Angry Bird Movie.

Light-Up Red Angry Birds

This is Speedster Chuck.

Speedster Chuck Angry Birds

This yellow bird has the ability to speed up when you glide it backward. Chuck, the yellow bird, is Red Bird's bestfriend.

This is cute pink bird is Stella.

Stella Angry Birds

Stella is the cute and bubbly, pink round bird.

This is Terrence.

Terrence Angry Birds

Terence is the big brother bird. 

And this is Cowboy Pig.

As you all know, the Green Pigs are the main antagonists in the Angry Birds Movie.

There you go the latest McDonald's Happy Meal toy collectibles.

McDo Happy Meal

Collect all 10 Angry Bird toys available on all McDonald's store starting May 11.

Also, grab the Red's Cotton Candy Mini McFlurry and Piggies' Oreo Matcha Mini McFlurry only at McDonald's Dessert Centers.

Of course my son already tried the Red's Cotton Candy Flurry and he likes it so much. Will try the other one next time.

Before I end this post, check out Matthew Andrei's first ever toy review on YouTube:

In fairness, we don't force him to do that. He likes watching YouTube toy reviews kasi. More practice pa especially his grammar. That's it!

Happy weekend!
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