Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Happy 35th Birthday

Yes, I just turned 35 last May 1. It was a long day spent with my family. But before that I had a pre-birthday celebration at work. My boss bought this nice cake.

We had our monthly meeting kasi so sinabay na din ang birthday celebration ko, which was supposedly the next day pa. Our boss paid for our lunch that we ordered from Max's then I bought the merienda na. The usual pancit malabon and ice cream.

Daddy A wasn't around because he had an audit at our plant in Tarlac. Late na dumating that afternoon. 

Anyway, my in-laws arrived that Friday to celebrate with us. Daddy said, buti pa daw ako pinuntahan nila sa birthday ko. Nag-emote pa but look how happy our little boy naman when my in-laws arrived.

Photos taken by Daddy A's sister. Hindi obvious ano? They are lookalike, hehe.

Matthew and his cousin, Ate Gwen.

On my birthday we prepared a sumptuous lunch - grilled liempo, sizzling tofu ala Max's and fried chicken. However, we failed to take photos because everyone was so hungry and in rush since they need to go back to Nueva Ecija that afternoon. 

When they left, we went to SM because it was so hot and Daddy will look for a gift daw, echos! I told him we should look for Matthew's school bag na lang. Nanay talaga, relate? 

Our little boy immediately found his new bag.

That Robby Rabbit school bag at Php 4299.75 is pricey na for me. But with it's features, which by the way deserves a separate post next time, I said yes na to Matthew because the bag will surely last for years. 

So there we bought that bag and went around. Then Matthew saw this.

He went to the registration counter and comfortably sit there. They asked him if he wants to join the SM Little Stars, he said yes. Wow, my son is very confident!

After Daddy signed him up, they gave us a registration form and a stub for a free pictorial at Photoline.

Matthew is really very independent because he went inside that photo booth alone. After that, we went home with these.

We are still undecided whether we will allow him to audition on May 15. But he liked it naman, he will dance daw. What do you think guys?

Hay, it was a long day but I will not let it pass without thanking God for giving me another year and for all the blessings He had showered us.

And my birthday will never be completed without spaghetti and ice cream!

To all who greeted me and to all my readers here, thank you so much! Enjoy the rest of the week everyone!
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