Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How to Decorate Small Living Rooms

Here's our son playing and watching at our small living room.

Home improvement is one of goals this year. While we are waiting for our budget, I am already looking for ideas on how we can decorate our small living room. Here are some useful tips.

Large mirror

Mirrors can give an illusion that the room is larger than it really is and also adds reflective light. Last December, we already bought a mirror.

Picture frames or art works hang down the wall

This is the reason why we opted to buy not an over-sized mirror. We wanted to put picture frames on the space around that mirror.

Wall Shelves

I wanted this wall shelves since my son has so many toys to display. But I still can't figure out how we can turn that corner of our living room to something like that. 

Corner shelves

If the wall shelves above will not be possible, then I'll go with this corner shelves. This will perfectly fit to the corner between the sofa and TV set. 

Room divider

Use room divider instead of wall. This metal rods, which gives an illusion of a wall, is perfect to separate our living room from our dining area. 

The space under the stairs

We have an open space under our stairs. I would like that to transform into home office or I'll put shelves in for additional storage area.

Convertible table

The photo speaks for it self right? This white convertible table can be use as coffee table, office desk and storage. It will definitely save space.

Convertible sofa or sofa bed

I have always wanted a sofa bed in our living room. Aside from it can turn into a bed, I like it's wide seats making it comfortable to sit in. Perfect for our crocheting time.

But before you start decorating or renovating, have you checked if you can see out the back door from the front door? If yes, then according to Feng Shui, the chi in your house is flowing straight out of your home. Here's what to do.
I didn't know that too. So I have to check ours when I get home. Get to know more about Feng Shui for homes here:

Another tip: Less is more. That's right! Even taking away some stuff and putting them in a london storage unit can dramatically improve the look of a room!

So there you go some tips on how to decorate  small living rooms. Hopefully, our home improvement will push through. I'll be happy to share that with you soon.

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