Friday, November 18, 2011


Just sharing my 11-11-11 experience:

Smart Parenting had a promo last 11-11-11. I saw it at @SP_online:

I immediately post my entry:

I haven't receive any notification that may post is valid but it's okay. Then last Monday (nov. 14), I received a direct message from @SP_online:

Wow! I won in their 11-11-11 promo! So i immediately followed their instruction and sent an email message. Then after two days I then receive an email message from SP:

There it goes. I won a Smart Parenting Book but I have to claim it at their office. I will ask my husband to drop by at their office to claim the prize, anyways it is valid for 2 months so there's still time.

I feel very happy when winning a promo like this. Even just a little prize, it means a lot.

Visit Smart Parenting and surely you will gain some valuable informations about parenthood, motherhood, etc. Plus you will get a chance to interact with other moms via their forums. You can also ask the opinions of other moms out there about your problem or situations. There are so many friendly and generous moms there who will lend a time to share their views and experiences.

Thank you Smart Parenting and more power!
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