Friday, November 25, 2011

A Quick Thanks to SP!

Just got my price from the Smart Parenting 11-11-11 promo.

My husband claim it from SP office yesterday. Good thing it was on his way. I super like this Smart Pregnancy Magazine. I just wished I have something like this when I was pregnant. I will keep it so I can use it in the future (if God give as another blessing).

Just like the SPregnancy, this Smart Pareting book will be very useful for us. Though my son is just 17 months, we will have some insights and can prepare ourselves ahead of time.

Thanks so much Smart Parenting!
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  1. yeah, I did the claiming of price...Though i got a little problem in parking which I resulted Robinson's Pioneer Parking Area, and walk about 500m, it is all worthy...the book together with the magazine is informative (even the smart pregnancy is informative to me..lols)...thanks to Summit Media - Smart Parenting...

  2. I won in this SP promo also! I'll claim my prize next Friday :)

    New follower here!

    I hope you can visit my blog too :)

  3. Hi there! Thanks for following my blog.

    The book is really good and the magazine too. My husband claim it for me coz I can't skip my work.

    Sure, I will visit your blog.

    Thank you gain for dropping by.

  4. hi there momaye,visiting here from SP. I agree,the SP book is very useful for us moms. Smart Mom's guide to Pregnancy and Baby's First Year is my first ever SP book and now I'm currently reading Smart Mom's Guide to Raising your Preschooler since my son will start schooling next year.very informative,really one of my best buy! :)

  5. Hi Mommy Sapphire! I'd love to have the Smart Mom's Guide to Pregnancy and Baby's First Year too. Surely it will help me a lot. Thanks for dropping by.


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