Friday, November 18, 2011

Brush Brush Brush!

How time flies! My son is now 17 months and growing so fast. One of his fast developments is that he almost has complete set of teeth. And because of this I am worrying for its early decaying.
Did you know that "Children usually have 20 milk teeth. They start to push through the gums (erupt) at about six months. Most children have all 20 teeth by the age of two or three. However, this can vary so don’t worry if your child’s teeth come in faster or slower than this.
Your child's milk teeth are important for eating, speech, smiling and confidence. They are also important for the development of permanent teeth, so it's very important to look after them." - Caring for your child's teeth

Good thing we started brushing his teeth even before his teeth erupted. We are using the silicone brush that can be inserted into a finger. But when he is starting to bite, we shifted to stages toothbrush. Then, this sure will be enough so hubby brought him a kiddie Mickey Mouse toothbrush from Oral B (sorry I do not have photo of it, I will insert once I got one).
However, just brushing is not enough as I see some yellow stains in his teeth. So we brought hapee kiddie toothpaste. But ooopss! It has fluoride and my son doesn’t know how to spit yet. Fluoride is dangerous to helath when swallowed. According to Wikipedia, children may experience gastrointestinal distress upon ingesting sufficient amounts of flavored toothpaste. 

Fortunately, I got information from MomCenter Philippines about this Sansfluo toothgel cleanser that is a non-fluoride toothgel! Without any hesitation I brought one at Mercury Drugstore that cost 91.5025 pesos for a 50-ml tube (I know you want to know the price, lol!)

  It comes in two flavours – Orange and Strawberry (which I chose).

As I already mentioned, it is fluoride free! So it is safe for my little son who still not yet know how to spit.

Sansfluo is colorless and does not foam so it is really safe for 0-6 years old children.
Although has no ingredients that might be hafrmul to our children, this should always use under adult supervision. 
My son starting to enjoy his new toothpaste/gel and hope he will be able to get rid of tooth decays!

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