Monday, November 21, 2011

So this where he got it!

One day, when we got home from work. I saw my son crawling again. I wonder why he is crawling and crawling when he can already walk.

Then we were in a vacation at my husband's place, we are watching a noontime show. There is a portion there where the contestants are blind-folded and are crawling after the ball. I look at my son and he is imitating them. Tsk! This is what his crawling is all about.

Another instance, my son is turning round and round to the beat of Naaaa-na-na-na-na from the same noontime show too. Maybe his yaya is watching this show regularly that is why he knows all about it.

Here's his turn around moves to the tune of Naaaa-na-na-na-na (please pardon my voice, lol).

Toddlers are very much affected by what they are watching so we better be careful. It is cute though but I have a little worry with his turn around moves. He might become dizzy and fall on the floor or bump at the wall.

Moms, is your child like mine too?
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