Saturday, November 19, 2011

FUN FUN FUN at World of FUN!

It is weekend already and this means time for our families.
Every Sunday, we go to Church in the morning and if we still have time and money, of course, we sometimes go to World of Fun.

At first he is hesitant to try the rides. But when he’s there, you cannot make him go down.

There are many rides to choose from.

You can also play inside. This is where we enjoyed a lot, especially daddy who even save coins for the tickets.

Our son will skip us to run to World of Fun!

Evidences that my son enjoys a lot - click the videos below.

I know every mom and dad out there looks forward to weekends, and of course our kids too. It doesn't have to be an expensive weekend gateaway, but what is important is the time we shared with our love ones especially our little ones. They are the one who appreciate more the time and love we are giving them than the material things we are providing them.

Happy weekend everyone!
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