Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to World of Fun!

After 10 months, Matt went back to World of Fun!

 With Tita enjoying the See Saw.

 He rode this Dino for 4x. He kept on asking us to put coins.

And finally this blue car.

Here are his photos at World of Fun November last year.

Comparing the photos, Matt have grown so much. Look at the See Saw photos. Last November, his feet were hanging and can't reach the steps yet. But the recent photos showed he can absolutely reach the steps. Soon, he will not be allowed to ride this because he will be a grown up boy na

He had so much fun at World of Fun. Actually, he didn't want to leave the place. We just told him that the horse was damaged already and so he agreed to leave. When he saw his daddy he kept of saying, "sira horse". LOL.

That's it!
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