Saturday, September 8, 2012

Crackers and Holes

Do you also wonder why crackers have holes?

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If you also wonder why, these holes are purposely place on crackers. The holes help to bake the crackers correctly. How?

Crackers are made from dough that is rolled into thin sheets. These sheets will pass through a machine with docker pins that will put holes in the dough. During baking, these holes will allow the steam to pass through the dough creating crispy and hard crackers.

Did you also know that there are specific numbers and positioning of holes for a particular shapes and sizes of crackers? Yes there are. Putting holes that is too close together will produce an extra hard and dry cracker. While if the holes are put too far apart, there’s a tendency that part of the cracker will rise a little and that’s the cause of the bubbles on the cracker’s surface. 

So next time you munch on your crackers or biscuits, look at the holes on it and count them. :)

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