Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Entrepreneur Startup Quote Day 2

Good morning guys! How's your morning? Mine is super fine and I am overwhelmed with so many inquiries and feed backs at my Momaye's Shoppe. Thank you for the trust!

As promise I will share with you another Entrepreneur Startup Quote for our daily Inspiration. Here's another one.

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I believe that business will never do good without a good customer service. You should treat your customer the way you want to be treated. Even if there are times you are already pissed off with endless questions and queries, always be patient and smile.

Now, I know how it feels to be the business owner. Because I am a customer too, I am super patient with all  the lovely people who are inquiring at my shop. I know it's not easy to trust an online seller. That's why I am building trust too. I make sure that the quality of the products I am selling is good. We are personally making the crafts like crochet baby stuffs and make sure it's made carefully and beautifully. Hence, we need a lead time for that. I work for Quality Assurance department so I think I know it well :)

Happy Tuesday!
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