Friday, September 28, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Entrepreneur Startup Quote Day 5

Good morning everyone! It's another day, another blessing and it's payday Friday. Expect heavy traffic again, hehe. The weather is so weird talaga. It was really hot last night then a super heavy rain poured. It was not long but it was very hard that I thought there's a tornado. The rain didn't make the temperature cooler, it just make it hotter.

Anyway, here's another Entrepreneur Startup Quote from the co-founder of Google, Larry Page.
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Working in a Quality Assurance group, we always assure that every raw materials and finished products pass quality specifications. This is what I am doing for 10 years now. Now that I am my own business, I very particular when every details and I almost make sure that I deliver more than my customer's expectations. I love to hear good feed backs and this inspire me to do good, better and best.

Thank God it's Friday! Happy payday Friday pa!
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