Thursday, September 27, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Entrepreneur Startup Quote Day 4

Good morning! Weekend is almost here, again! So bilis no? And payday is tomorrow na. I will try to follow what I have read from an eBook written by Bo Sanchez. Aside from our own business, I really want to try to invest in stock market. Hopefully, with God's grace we can make it.  I will tell you about it soon.

For the meantime, here' another Entrepreneur Startup Quote. I guess you are not be surprise if I am sharing quotes like this because I am so business minded nowadays, haha.

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I believe that successful entrepreneurs started all by themselves. I mean, at the start of their business, it's either him/her and his/her family are working. Because of hard work and being hands on, it will emerge to a full bloom business in which they already have their own employees.

This is my vision. Right now, my husband and I are working and doing the crafts (crocheting and sewing) all by ourselves. We are doing it with our hearts on it and make sure each product are done with quality. The truth is we spent hours just to finish an almost perfect product. We never get tired of starting it all over again if we see there's something wrong with it, even if it's not noticeable by other people. I just can't fool myself knowing there's a mistake in that product and makes me see it as ugly even if it's not really is.

Crocheting is not common here in Philippines but I am glad there are emerging online shops, like ours, which offers crochet products. It's old school but I am loving it especially if you see how a simple yarn has turn into a beautiful masterpiece. Someday I want to share this knowledge to house wives to help them generate  income. I am praying for that and I know there's nothing impossible with God.

I hope I get to inspire you even a little :)

Happy Thursday!
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