Saturday, October 27, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Being Loved Gives Us Courage

Good morning! How's your holiday yesterday? Sorry I forgot to post a Daily Inspiration yesterday. I was really busy the whole day. Actually, I supposed go to work but decided not to because it's raining and I want to spend time with my son. And I was not disappointed because the whole day was still productive and I got to enjoy quality time with my son, my husband and my in-laws.

So now, here's our Daily Inspiration.

Have you watched the final episode of Walang Hanggan last night? I am a bit disappointed because I am used to happy endings. Nevertheless, the ending is still happy for all and even for the main characters, Daniel and Katerina who get to spend life together after life in Heaven (I think). I am not fond of this series but since my in-laws are watching it last night and we are still up doing crochet, we get to watch the finale. Haha.

Well, moving forward. I remember Daniel saying that Katerina is the source of his strength. Giving him courage to fight for and live life. And so when Katerina died, a big part of him died too and even wish to join her wherever she is.

Loving someone gives us enough strength to survive anything in life. And being loved by someone gives us courage to move and keep moving, and to live.

To my one and only love, Happy 111th Monthsary! I love you and I will always will. Hanggang sa dulo ng walang hanggan. *hugs&kisses*

Happy Saturday!
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