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Parenting Tips: Mom's Guide to the Five Love Languages of Children

Yay, look what I have found in my draft folder.

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Here's my little son's 5 Languages:

Touch - Matt loves to be cuddle and kiss. He also know when to make us calm when we almost lost patient with him. When he saw his Daddy (or anyone of us) already mad at him, he will approach him and say "loves daddy!", then kiss Daddy. So sweet right? So Daddy will calm down, haha.

When I am at home, he loves following me and he will ask to be carried around. That's the reason why during weekend, I am much tired though that's really priceless for me. I know I must take advantage of this because time will come that he will no longer ask for it. #sentimom

Words - Matt is so bright that he almost know everything a preschooler must know. As of now he is learning how to write. Thanks to her ever patient Tita. Matt loves to hear the "very good" phrase. In fact after he sing or recite something, he will say "Yey! Very good!". Last Sunday, we went to grocery and Matt entertain a saleslady by singing Bahay Kubo. He is never shy and I wonder as to whom he get that because both Mom and Dad were shy during our younger years. Aside from "very good", he loves saying "thank you", "ay sorry" and "loves". 

Oh, he also knows how to pray. He will say before we sleep, "mommy, pray tayo". Here's his cute prayer:

(Sign of the Cross) Jesus, Thank you po sa milk at pagkain. Sana wag na ako ma-bog dun. Di na po ako akyat hagdan. Sana wag na po ako magkasakit. AMEN (Sign of the Cross.)

With putol putol words, he's saying that every night. He used to repeat after me, but now he will be angry if I will do that. He just want to do it on his own.

Quality Time - This is what I am guilty of. Since, we are busy doing orders for our online shop, we spend less time with my son. So what we do is to do it with him. He loves it. He will even grab the hook and the yarn, and act as if he knows how to crochet. I will post photo of him holding a hook soon. He is so cute. #proudmom

He loves sitting on my lap when watching TV or when I am doing something, hehe. He loves to intrude us and get our attention. Oh he loves to see us laughing. The other night while eating, I said "sarap tirisin" out of my little inis because he is making it hard for us to feed him but when he his with Tita he is not that naman. I heard him laugh and his laughter is so contagious. He cutely repeat "sarap tirisin" and laugh in between. So who can ever resist his charm and get mad at him??? Daddy?

Gifts - What I want about Matt is he is so appreciative. He will say "wow"  every time you hand him something. He loves pasalubong and I have mentioned before it here that he is always asking for lollipop as pasalubong. He is not into toys but he loves books so much. Whenever we pass by National Bookstore he will scream "wow! dami books!"

I also notice that he loves music. So I downloaded educational videos with lots of music. I also downloaded piano and drums apps on his tablet. We are planning to buy him his own piano this Christmas. The last time we went to SM, he is super happy to see the piano on sale. We will but that for sure.

Service - Since he turned two, I observe that he does not want being served. I mean he wants to do it on his own. We can already command him to hand us something. He can turn on and off the lights, TV and electric fan. I am just scared that he will also learn to insert the plug into the sockets so we see to it that sockets are invisible to him, haha.

I let him learn things on his own. When I am cleaning  I will give him his cleaning tools too. He is such a neat boy. He will also help Tita in folding the clothes and last night he proudly shows how to fold his cloth diaper insert.

We always encourage Matt to do good and we show him that we appreciate all his little efforts. Because those little efforts mean big to him already. I know it will help build his self confidence and will never be a shy boy when he grows up.

Whew, this is such a long post after a long time. So I better end here, because I need to get back to work now. Haha.

Happy Parenting Moms and Dads!
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