Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Daily Inspiration: You have Enough Time

Rainy morning everyone! 

Are you also one of us who are against the Republic Act 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act. If the intention is just to protect the rights of people against frauds, scams, scandals and the likes, well fine, it's okay with me. 

Just this morning, I heard Senator Sotto being interviewed by Kabayan Noli De Castro. Again, it is being spread over the net that he is the one who inserted the libel thing in the RA 10175 because he was a victim of cyber bullying. In his interview, he said he is the one who inserted it but this was done prior to the bullying. He made this because of the cases of famous celebrities who are dragged by cyber controversies and scandals. I hope that he is telling the truth.

I also read about one of the Cybercrime Law's provision that the government has the power to ban anyone from using social media like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, there was this yahoo article about the PNP making "threat". I hope this doesn't get worst and the RA 10175 be used with good intentions.

Whew! I will stop there or I might say something... Haha. Here's our Daily Inspiration for today.

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I am super guilty with this. I always say it. I have less time or I don't have enough time. But the truth is everyone of us juts have enough. It' s a matter of time management and knowing what is your priority in life.

Happy Wednesday! It's raining hard so be safe.
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