Monday, October 15, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Help and Make A Difference

Good morning! It's another brand new week and it's payday! 

I am terribly busy for the passed weeks and hopefully I can breathe a little this week. Daddy said, I should take it easy in accepting made to order crochet items. I must because, it's eating up our time. Like last night, we slept almost two in the morning and we need to wake up at 5am. I know, I know, we are abusing our health but this will be the last we will do that. Actually, I feel sleepy now that's why I drink a cup of coffee.

Anyway, enough of the morning drama. Here's our Daily Inspiration fro today!

Everyday we see people in need. I know you have experience beggars gently tapping your arms asking for 1 peso. But there are beggars who are really choosy though. If you will give them 1 peso they will give it back to you, haha. Have you experienced that? 

Sometimes, I get pissed off when they are endlessly approaching you especially when they knew you have given one or two of them. My heart goes out to the little children. It breaks my heart to see a mother or a father holding a barely newborn baby roaming around the Church or the market, or park to ask for help. Maybe some of them are left with no choice or others have the main intention of getting sympathy because of the baby. They shouldn't bring the baby with them but who am I to judge them? Still, I will never get tired of helping people in need and it's up to them what heir intentions are. We can make a difference and let us spread kindness throughout the world. Always share your blessings.

Happy Monday!
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