Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Don't Quit!

Hello! How's your morning? Mine is just okay. I always see to it that I wake up with a smile. How can I ever be unhappy when I always wake up in between my two boys, haha.

Uy, October is more than half over now. My goodness, Christmas is so coming! Last Saturday we went to Divisoria. Oh my gulay! It's October pa lang yet there are  so many people already, as in, face to face while walking through the sidewalks or should I say the main road, haha.

Let's brighten up our happy morning with our Daily Inspiration.

Quitters are losers. Though I know you should also know your limitations. But generally, life's difficulty is just a facade, come inside and you will see the opportunity that comes with it.

So don't ever quit

Happy Wednesday!
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