Thursday, May 22, 2014

Feel Good Thursday + Some Life's Lessons

Thursday na! Yahoo! I know that's also in your mind right now. Weekend is getting nearer... Maybe you are asking what is so special about weekend? I would will not say nothing because it's always special to me. Being with my family, just sitting in front of each other, chit chats, eating and just feeling lazy make our weekend extra special.

Anyway, today is just a feel good day. Lately, I realize that I should not push my self too much. I also have learned some life's lessons that I want to share with you.

Life is not always planned.
No matter how we plan our day, a special occasion, our work, or our entire life, there will always something that will go out of its way. I have learned to accept unexpected event as it is, because I trust God's better plan for me.

I am not a Super Woman.
I am human and I need a break. It's okay to waste time just sitting and looking at nowhere sometimes. It's okay if I don't finish any order today. It's okay if I commit mistakes. I should not be bothered about going out of my way as long as it makes me happy =)

Talk less.
I must talk less of myself, my family, my son. I should not talk when my opinion is not needed or when I don't have something good to say. This way, people will not misinterpret what I am saying and I can avoid hurting other people's feelings. Also, there are some people who will not appreciate when I talk about my son or me or my family or my life. I don't need to prove myself as long as I am doing what is right, there's nothing to explain and worry about.

Be true and kind always.
There's no wasted kindness, it will always yield a good result and it will always be remembered. If you are kind, people will also be kind to you. And believe me, it really feels good to be true and kind. 

Be happy always.
If you are happy, it reflects to your physical appearance and to everything you do. Always think of something that can make you happy and don't let not so good event bring your spirit down. Always smile and be happy, it can make us look younger :)

Value my family more.
At the end of the day I know the people who will be right by my side is my family. I have something to confess... You all know that I have a full time work outside our home. I am out from 6 in the morning until almost  6 in the evening. So for a day, I am away from home for 12 hours and that's half of the day already. If I need to sleep an average of 8 hours, I can only spend 4 hours with my family. Lately, because of the many online orders that we are receiving, I spend more than two hours arranging the orders that means I will only have 2 hours to spend with my family. Unfortunately, that 2 hours is mostly consists of small dramas at home.

Last night, I lost my temper when my son was not listening to what I am telling him. I walked up stairs and he followed me while screaming "Mommy! Mommy!" I sat down on our bed and just kept quiet for seconds. As much as I could, I avoid hurting my son. When I saw him standing in front of me, I took a deep breath and hold his little hands. I told him I'm angry because he's not listening. He answered me back with "Mommy, ubos na po ba pasensya mo?" I don't want to lie so I said yes. He quickly replied, "Bili tayo ng pasensya Mommy!" Without a word I hugged him. This boy is just made me realize that patience is unlimited and can be refilled especially if you love a person so much.

So I told him to please listen to what I am saying and don't wait until I am angry. I also asked him, "Gusto mo ba nagagalit ako lagi? Maghapon na nga tayong di nagkikita tapos papagalitan pa kita pagdating ko?" He said no and looking to his sad chinito eyes, I can see a boy who's missing his Mom and Dad dearly. God knows how I am doing my best to provide him well, but I didn't notice I am compromising my time with my family. So today, I will make sure I gave my family the time they deserve.

As I go on with the journey of my life, I know there are many other lessons I will learn from people around me and the people I have yet to meet, from the mistakes I will commit, from the events that will happen, and so on. I will live my life as it is... Less expectations, less worries, more hope, love and patience. Above all, I will not resist God's plan for me. He knows better =)

I hope this little sharing I made will help you in a way. If you have something to share about life's lesson please do. We can always learn from each other's experience. 
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