Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Working Woman to a Working Mom

Lately, you may have noticed that I have fewer posts. As much as I want to spend more time blogging, I can't because I need to give more time to my full time work. 

I have been working since 2003 so its 11 years now. When I was still studying, I already envisioned myself to be working in a big company. At that time it was my greatest dream and I thought it's all an easy glamorous life of a working woman.

So after graduation, I wasted no time and make a resume. Speaking of resume, making one now is so easy because onlineresume builders has an app to help you. Later on when I landed my first and current job, I got to experience what they called the corporate world. This had woken me up from my dream and that the reality is, working in a corporate world is not an overnight success. I need to start from the bottom, and carefully climb up. The struggle is not easy as you need to deal with people with different personalities and understanding. Also, in this company I am working since 2003, there are more men than women. But I can see that men and women here are equally treated by the management. And I think even in other company, gender is not an issue.

Now from a working woman to a working mom, it doubles the work and responsibility and the time becomes limited. But I can see more woman and mothers who are successful in their chosen field of work. There are more and more women in business and finance, and even in politics. So it's no doubt that women can do better and be successful just like men.

If you will ask me if I regret working instead of staying at home. I will say no but I will not deny that after having a baby I wish I can just stay at home. It took me over 3 years to realize that this is God's plan for me. Besides this is my first dream and I love this work. This work of mine had helped me overcome my shyness and boost my self confident. I learn a lot from it and it transform me to what you can see me now. And this work help me gain true friends.

As I have already said, I plan to retire earlier from the corporate world. This is to enjoy my life more and to establish my own business. I want to fulfill my dream of becoming a mompreneur. My goal is to help more people, particularly women or moms, and to share the skills I have learned.

I know this is just one of the million stories of working woman or mom. If you happen to be one or know one, it's my pleasure to read your story.

Have a nice day!
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