Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Photostory: I am a Mom because of Him

This is my little boy...

and I am so proud to be his Mom.
He is so active and cannot control his emotions. He asks so many questions and he's demanding. He's always curious and he wants to do things on his own. He sometimes don't want to share his food or his favorite things. He always tests our patience and most of the times we fail to hold our temper.

But despite everything he's doing, I love this boy terribly. We may just see his physical being but I know inside this little boy is a very loving and affectionate being. He's dependable and full of confident as commended by his teacher :) He's a fast learner and he has a good memory. He always remember what we promise to him so we refrain from doing so. Haha...

Seriously, this boy taught us a lot. Because him, my life has change. He's the main reason why we are working hard... why we always want to get home early... why I become better and better everyday... and why I have this greatest job a woman can have... being a MOM.

It's not easy and I know most of the moms out there will agree. You will think less of your self until you totally become selfless. You will love your family more than your self. But despite all of the sacrifices you are doing, people around can judge you too quickly just by looking at your child/children.

So please forgive us if sometimes we talk or rant too much... If sometimes our words are hurtful... If sometimes we cannot control our emotions and lose our temper... If sometimes we don't have time...

You see, we try our best to juggle everything on our two hands. We try our best to love everyone equally. We do our best to balance everything in our lives. No mom is perfect and even super heroes has their weakness and so do we Super Moms.

This post maybe a little late, as Mother's day was over, still I know Moms deserve not just a day but the entire days of the universe to celebrate and honor their greatness.

To my fellow Super Moms, happy Mother's day(s)!
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