Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Keeping Our Home Safe from Bugs and Mosquitoes

Did you know that Mosquito is the number one man killer?

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Before, I thought that during rainy season the population of mosquitoes is higher. But did you know that during summertime, the population of insects and bugs is greater? This is because the warm temperature with the growth of new plants around, allow the bugs to fulfill their life cycle. They can thrive with the environment temperature because they are cold blooded and that they are more active during summer. Their larvae grow faster and that's the peak of mating. 

In our country, it's the dengue-carrying mosquitoes that most of us are afraid of. But when I read about the history of mosquitoes, there are other deadliest diseases that mosquitoes carry. And as I already said, mosquito is the number one killer of man, killing over one million people each year.

As much as we hate them at home, we cannot totally get rid of them. But we can make our safe from bugs. Here are some tips to keep our home safe from bugs and mosquitoes.

Keep our home clean. Cleanliness is always the key to keep the bugs and insects away. We must clean our home everyday and do at least twice a month general cleaning. If possible hire expert services like that of industrial cleaning services uk, at least once a year to have your entire home clean. Throw away things at home that you are not using and do proper segregation. 

Change bedding regularly. This to avoid bed bugs. We must change our bed sheets and pillow case regularly. As much as possible, sun dry washed bedding.

Keep water container closed. Did you know that mosquito loves clean water more than the waste dirty water? But just the same, don't stock water at home as much as possible. Because mosquitoes need water to complete their life cycle.

Avoid perfume. Yes, especially those with citrus, sweet and flowery smell. Bugs love those scents so instead of leaving, they will be enticed to stay inside your home.

Use insect or bug spray. If you already see insect infestations at home, you may use insect spray. As much as possible, use insect spray that is safe or natural and unscented. Speaking of natural insect spray, Daddy A is thinking of extracting the citronella oil from our Lemon grass plant at home. But if you have Citronella plant at home, it is much better. Also, there are insect repelling plants like Neem tree that you can plant at home.

Use safe insect repellent lotion. If there are infestations already, we may use insect repellent lotion especially with the children and old people at home, who have low resistance. And like the insect spray, make sure to use natural and safe insect repellent lotion.

Stay healthy. If we are healthy, we will have greater resistance against the killer diseases the mosquitoes are carrying. So we must keep our safe healthy by taking in more vitamins.

Those are just some of the tips on how to keep our home safe from bugs and mosquitoes. Like what I have said, we cannot keep our home totally free from bugs and mosquitoes but safe, yes :)

Keep safe always guys!
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