Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Are You #Batang90's #ColumbiaKids?

One fine afternoon, when Matthew and I were preparing for his second mastery examination, we received these goodies from Columbia International Food Products Inc.

Our little boy who loves sweets and candies was so happy.

If you are batang 90's then you know Potchi Strawberry Flavored Gummi Kendi very well, hehe.

And this VFresh Winter Cool Gum too.

How about Monami Strawberry and Cream candies

"Columbia confectioneries making every moments be extra ordinary by giving you different layer of sweetness." 

And here's the all time favorite choco drink.

Super approve kay bulilit itong Chocquik Instant Choco Malt Drink.

Dearies, did you know that Columbia International Food Products, Inc. was established in 1937? Oh my, 80 years na sila next year! That's why they are known for providing delectable sweets na tamang tama sa ating panlasa.

So thank you so much Columbia Food for the sweetness that makes our childhood extra special!

To know more about Columbia Food products, visit their official website: and get updates from their Facebook page:

About Columbia International Food Products, Inc.

Columbia International Food Products, Inc. was established in 1937 and has become known for providing delectable sweets apt to the Filipino palate. For the past decades in the business, the company has been recognized as one of the top candy and confectionery manufacturer and was included in the Top 1000 Corporations in the country. At present, the company continues to create new products to lift Filipino standards to global levels. We are proud to have produced popular product line-ups which have won the trust and respect of satisfied consumers in the Philippines.

Quality and value for money are what comes to mind when you mention Columbia.  Consumers have come to trust the brand for its capability to provide affordable quality treats.  Hence, whenever people see the Columbia red and white logo, they automatically think of the delicious sweets that they grew up with.  Consumers can’t help but feel proud, for it is a brand which they consider their own, a truly Pinoy brand.
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