Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weekly Bento Baon #4 + Christmas Gift List

Hello dearies!

It's been ages! Charot! But it's true I have so many back logs. I've been meaning to make posts but there are so many happenings in my life in the past weeks that makes my life even busier.

Also, I avoid blogging at home especially when Matthew is around. I refrain from opening my laptop since he asked me one time why I still work at home when I am already working all day at the laboratory. True naman, I should not be working at home because home means family. 

With this, I am thinking how I can still blog without compromising the time I have for Matthew. I have so much to share. For the mean time, I sneak once in a while during break time. Or the best that I can do is to wake very very early in the morning and try to blog. That is if I can wake up early, haha.

Anyways, this is long overdue so let me share our weekly bento baon #4.

To start the busy week, I prepared this for his breakfast. You know, this is my way to make bawi to Matthew and to show him that I really give him time by preparing his meal and baon.

No fruits because Matthew said he doesn't like fruits in the morning. Just as the boss said.

For the first bento baon of the week, Daddy baked some cookies so I made this with DIY bento picks.

#homebakedcookies and apple +#minutemaidorangejuice

Daddy make this apple swan naman.

 #homebakedcookies and apple +#minutemaidorangejuice

Next is this as per his request, with DIY Iron Man and Spider Man picks.

choco and cheese #ironman and #spidermansandwich and choco knots + #alaskayogurtdrink 

Matthew enjoyed our DIY picks kaya kahit mahirap I make his requests.

#mcqueen #cars cheese sandwich, #homebakedcookies#nissinbreadstix with #goyachoco dip and apple

Then, I prepared pizza bread with DIY Super Man and the Avengers picks.

pizza bread and#nissinbreadstix with #goyachoco dip +#minutemaidorangejuice

Finally, #tgif cheat day for Matthew.

french fries, cheese ring,#quakerminioatcookies and grapes

There you go the bento baon for week #4. Doing bento picks is very addictive but it's also time consuming so I plan to buy real bento picks. Yun lang nga I fear he might lose them again, sayang naman. 

By the way, have you start your Christmas shopping already? Like what I have said (read: A Guitar or A Drum Set?), I am starting to make my Christmas gift list. I already have a prospect gift for Matthew that I saw at the musicians friend

Yup, I have decided that I'll buy the guitar as Matthew's Christmas gift. One down, more to go... I still have 95 days to go before Christmas. Oh only 95 days, I need to hurry now. Haha!

Enjoy the rest of the week dearies!

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