Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Guitar or A Drum Set?

Since Christmas is almost here, I am already thinking of what gifts to give to my loved ones. Of course, Daddy A and Matthew are on top my list.

For Daddy, we already have an agreement of what Christmas gifts we will buy for each other. It is much better that way para sure na we like the gifts we will receive. Anyway, I don't like surprises naman plus we can plan its purchase or save for it, hehe.

For Matthew naman, I am thinking of buying him a guitar. I already bought him a piano 4 years ago but he hasn't learn to play it until now. Busy kasi lagi and playing the piano must need a supervision. So I am thinking, learning how to play a guitar is much easier and he can start learning how to strum  the guitar even without us. Please correct me if I'm wrong guys, hehe.

So I asked him if he likes a guitar and he said yes. Then he added, "I want a mini drum set too." I said okay then I checked it online, and saw this one.

photo source

This mini drum set is so perfect for him! Although for me it's a little pricey, I'll start saving for it now na. For the mean time, I think I will buy him a guitar first. Since he loves to sing, guitar will be his best companion.

If I were you dearies, a guitar or a drum set?
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