Saturday, April 11, 2015

Back to Homeschooling this Summer

It's weekend again. Ang bilis ng oras ano? I just got back from Lent vacation then weekend na naman! By the way, Daddy A write about our Holy week staycation at home. At home lang talaga :)

Anyway, as I have mentioned on my post about what's for summer for Matthew, I will homeschool him again.

So last Monday we started with Matthew's summer homeschool. I divided his daily activities in the morning and at night, when I can supervise him. In the morning, I asked my sister to supervise him. His lesson starts at around 9am everyday, right after his bath.

I made and printed out writing exercises, both for ABC and numbers. He only has four worksheets to work on day time. After that, he can practice drawing and coloring. This is not a strict summer homeschool for him because like what I have said, I want him to enjoy his summer vacation. I just give in to his request that he still wants to study this summer. Yes, he keeps on asking me why the vacation is so long e.

He has break times too, his favorite!

Now, I wonder if it's the breaktime that makes him missed schooling, haha!

Back to our homeschooling. At night, I am the one who's teaching him. I patterned our lesson with that of the Reading Lesson. I'm doing worksheets per lesson and I include some writing activities too. 

The usual one hour of our lesson every night will take another hour because he has lots of questions. Since we are studying in English, he always asks me what's the meaning of every word he is reading.

Matthew: Mommy, ano po yun "mom". Yun ba yung sa teacher?
Mommy: No anak, it's a short for "mommy." 
Matthew: A yun "dad" po pajama ng "daddy.?"

Oh my, he's thinking of shorts and pajamas pala. Kaloka! Here's another pa:

Matthew: Mommy, ano po yung "et".
Mommy: Wala naman meaning yun anak.
Matthew: E yun pong "ot."
Mommy: Wala din yung meaning anak.
Matthew: Hindi po, short yun ng "otot."

Toinks! Sorry for the word. Atleast, he got what's the short words are. Hehe.

I am lucky that I don't need to push him to study because he himself at a very young age of 4 loves to study. All I need is a lot of patience since he has lots of questions and sometimes distractions. Actually, there are days I only have a little patience left on my hand, especially that I just came from a long day of stressful work. But when I see him really eager to learn and is learning, the stress just disappear. I must say, that every effort of a mom like me paid off when you see your kids doing so well.

Here's a proof na sulit na sulit ang homeschooling!

A video posted by Maye Domencil (@mommymaye) on

I can't be any prouder. Truly, patience is a virtue. For next week naman, we will buy art materials tomorrow after hearing a Mass. I can see Matthew has a artist's hand. Aside from drawing, I will let him explore painting. I will definitely share his works in the next days.

Enjoy your weekend!
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