Monday, April 20, 2015

I Wish to Have a Baby Girl!

Cliche it maybe but time flies real fast. The once baby boy is now a little man. Look at how adorable he is.

He's beginning to be independent. He can actually make his own glass of milk with just a little assistance. I can instruct him to get and do something. I am thankful he's always willing to help us.

So here I am again, making a little drama. Because soon, he will not like being cuddled and kissed. Soon, he can do anything on his own. Soon, he will have his own bed room, his own space.

Thinking of that makes me pray more for another baby. No, I am not yet pregnant but everywhere I go, I can see a pregnant woman, a pregnant friend. In time, I know God will bless us with another baby and I wish she'll be a baby girl.

Why not a baby girl? Actually, whenever I saw a baby or little girl, I secretly wish for one too. Dressing up a baby girl is so much fun right? And most especially, I can make her wear the crochet accessories that we are doing. Like these pair of Hello Kitty sandals.

Cute right?

And I don't know if it's a sign. This morning when I'm browsing at Zalora Marketplace Kids, I saw this pretty layered dress.

Cucu Bells Layered Dress

Perfect for a little girl. Go check out ZALORA Marketplace for cute baby girl clothes. You can find cute and affordable baby clothes as well. Oh how I really wish I already have a baby girl.

Anyway, I keep my faith and trust in God. He has a better plan and He will bless us with a baby girl in the right time.

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone!

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