Friday, April 24, 2015

A Week's Recap + The Military Diet

It's Friday at last! Or Friday na naman. Sobrang bilis no? 

April is almost over na and May is here. Ehem, it's my month na Daddy? Haha. Hay so much had happened this week and even the week has not started yet, pagod na ako. That's because of some cleaning and re-arranging that we made at home last Sunday.

Good thing we don't have MTO to finished kaya we were able to do the much needed cleaning at home, especially at our living room. And it looks like this na.

See our little boy enjoying the new arrangement? Since he doesn't want pa to occupy his own room, I made this Matthew's little corner.

He's the one who arrange his toys and with the help of my sister, they posted his coloring and painting masterpieces, hehe. I plan to print more photos of him and put them in frames, then I'll hang them here. Also, this corner will serve as his study area.

Speaking of Matthew, we are still homeschooling. He doesn't want skipping his lessons, and of course his daily snacks.

Hindi ko din sya maawat mag-drawing. He loves it so much!

One thing more about this boy. He's growing to be a more caring and loving boy. He constantly reminds us to be more patient. Just like when he saw my mother having a hard time eating and her food keeps on falling. Because she's not listening to what I am saying, I lost my patience and told her to make effort to practice moving. But the little boy, went to my mother, grabbed her spoon and fed her. He then said, "ako na lang po magpakain sa kanya kung ganyan naman sya."

Aw, it's as if a knife stubbed my heart. He also told me, he will take care of her lola, he will feed her and he will help her took a bath. This boy may be little, but he do care and understand... a lot!

I wish I can have a heart like him. Even if I hurt him at times, I never see and feel that his angry with me. It's as if nothing happens, he still loves us even with our shortcomings as a his parents.

Moving on... This week also, we experienced moving out of our comfort zone. How? Daddy's car needs to undergo a preventive maintenance so he left it at the repair shop. Because of that, we experienced commuting again. Surprisingly, I have enjoyed it.

This week also, we started with the military diet. It's our third day now and so far I have lost 4 lbs. With cheating pa yun, hehe. But we plan to continue the military diet until we achieve our ideal weights. Medyo matagal pa yun but don't worry I will write a post about this diet once I completed the photos of all the meals.

Even if we have a busy week, relax mode lang kami and no pressure. That is because we don't have many MTOs. It's really super stressful having MTOs with deadlines e. Kaya I like it this way. I can have more time teaching Matthew and I have more time to spend with my family. Also, remember my craft projects for 2015? Ayan na, we are crocheting home decors na!

I am working on crochet t-shirt rug, which I will share once done :) We still accept MTOs but not that much. Last night, I finished this one!

Daddy is crocheting Rapunzel and Lalaloopsy hats naman. We are also doing granny squares so we can make table and sofa covers. Next time, I will make curtains naman :)

It was actually a tiring but productive week and it's not yet over. I am always thankful that God gives us situations to remind us to be humble, patient and kind.

Enjoy the rest of the day and have a Blessed weekend!
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